Rickshaw Wala!

I had clicked this picture on the streets of Kolkata whilst i was jaywalking. Hand-pulled rickshaws are still very common in Kolkata. It is sad in a way to see humans being made to do such kind of jobs. Whats even more saddening is that the people who pull these rickshaws are quite elderly.

To ban or not to ban this mode of transport has always been a matter of debate. On the positive side we wont have to witness elderly men pulling these rickshaws barefoot come rain or sunshine. But on the other hand, what other job should these rickshaw pullers look out for?? As far as i have learned from my experience in the city, these rickshaw-pullers come from very very poor families, where they are probably the only earning members.

Take Care


11 thoughts on “Rickshaw Wala!

  1. beautiful picture! the sepia tones bring out the ‘timeless’ quality to rickshaw puller and his rick and how his life remians same even after decaces of change in society….


  2. hey NG thanks for liking the picture. yeah some parts of Kolkata, you feel like time has stood still! the condition in which these rickshaw pullers operate is pathetic. some even have to negotiate the person and his luggage. its very saddening!take careciao


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