Banana Leaf!

I have never quite been an observer of the things around me. That was till i started being obsessed with Photography. Now i can safely say that my perspective of looking at things has changed. Initially, i would always try to see the big picture and never gave any importance to small details. This attitude changed over time, as i experimented with my lens.

Seen in the above picture is a simple banana leaf, with a few drops of water on it. It was clicked when id been trekking near this place called Peb, near Matheran (more on that later:P). Banana trees are in abundance, under normal circumstances i wouldnt have bothered even looking at the trees, but with my camera around, i am a different person, observation wise:D The slight drizzle had created a pattern on the already patterned banana leaf. As the size of the leaf is huge, so clicking it wasnt a big deal. The crests and troughs create a kind of light-shadow effect, and the drops of water add drama to the otherwise boring leaf.

Take care

4 thoughts on “Banana Leaf!

  1. U bet, I think photography as a passion has made me more observant, patient and taught me to find beauty in everything around me.. there is so much to see and remember.. It like a real additional eye… lovely shot… will catch up on other shoots soon take care


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