The cat guardians

Was walking along the lanes in Chor Bazaar, when I noticed these cats. The were looking to their left and were seated in a way as if they were guarding their masters behind. That lasted till a lady came along, and then, the cats decided to change their strategy.

Animals often make for such good story tellers at times. And Chor Bazaar has never disappointed on that front. Here is a link to a post from the past, which involves a Goat, a man and a Lucky Corner.

Take Care,

My Office LOLcats

These are two cats that hang out outside my work place. The one who isn’t showing his face is a tom cat and I have a major love-hate relationship with him:P The one on the right, who seems to be looking into space is a very docile cat and never dares to share food with Browntail, lest it wants to get pawed in the face. They are great stress busters for our entire team and have stuck with us since their birth.

This shot was made while i was testing a very interesting camera. Will give out the details some other time:)

I think I am going to take a break from posting animal photographs here as I just realised that as i scroll down this blog there is a baby crab, ducks, an insect and seagulls. Will be back with some street photographs next time around.
Take Care