The cat guardians

Was walking along the lanes in Chor Bazaar, when I noticed these cats. The were looking to their left and were seated in a way as if they were guarding their masters behind. That lasted till a lady came along, and then, the cats decided to change their strategy.

Animals often make for such good story tellers at times. And Chor Bazaar has never disappointed on that front. Here is a link to a post from the past, which involves a Goat, a man and a Lucky Corner.

Take Care,

3 Idiots

Clicking little kids is challenging, but it was only after shooting these kittens that i realized that babies are still better off. You need a completely different level of patience when dealing with kittens.

I came across this troika when i was walking back from one of Banganga photo-strolls to the bus stop. I saw these kittens playing by themselves. Not meaning to disturb them, I started capturing them.

Just when i was adjusting the setting on my camera, one of them noticed it. Now the centre of attention for these three idiots was my camera lens. By the time I placed one kitten away from my camera lens, the other one would be in the same position as the first one. It took some time getting those kittens at a respectable distance from my camera.

This was clicked when they were probably bored of each others company and no one had yet seen the camera.

Finally one among them spotted the black colored alien thing with a glass closing. The expectations in the kitty’s eyes were quite high:P

While the other two were still trying to interpret what instrument was being pointed at them, the third one was beside my face, trying to have a look at my composition through the view finder. Well almost 🙂

After constant back and forth movement of the cats, they finally took a breather and gave me a wonderful Attention pose. Just love their paws and the grey eyes and the angles formed by their perched ears.

Probably the kitty avataar of the trademark ‘3 Idiots’ look.

This was a heart breaking moment. I must have spent close to thirty minutes with them, and also did an individual portfolio of each kitty. Just felt like packing those kittens and taking them home. Obviously i could not. I bid goodbye. The leftmost kitten was also mewing something, probably she was trying to say, ”See you soon!”

Take Care