Happy World Sparrow Day:)

As a kid, i used to see them everywhere. Now, i don’t see them much. So it was a pleasant surprise when i came across one whilst shooting the ducks around the Banganga tank. This one looked straight into the camera, before taking flight.

It is World Sparrow Day today. I am planning to get one of these nest boxes just to wake up to the sound of sparrows chirpring on my window sill.

Take Care,

7 thoughts on “Happy World Sparrow Day:)

  1. My mother used to narrate a story of a princess who was cursed by a witch and was turned into a sparrow. She used to fly and sit on the balcony of her beloved house every evening. Since my childhood I want to be a sparrow after I die. I know, it sounds very kiddish. In India, there are very less sparrows but when I was in Boston, I used to go to Charles river and feed sparrows there. In fact, you don't need to call them. The moment you take food in your hand, they will come and eat it. I wish I would have clicked some shots then. Beautiful shot, I just loved it!


  2. @Priya thanks a lot:)@Saru: :)) I had heard a story as a kid about a crow and a sparrow, where the crows house was made out of cow dung and the sparrows was made out of wax. So in the rains, the crows house got washed away and during summers the sparrows were homeless. I forgot how the story ends or what the moral was, but yeah it was a fun story:) Boston is lucky to have so many sparrows:)@Shiju i hope so too:)@Have a dkko :)) thanks:)


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