Story of my life…

I made this photograph when i was covering the largest technology festival in Asia – IIT Techfest 2012. While in this room, which was hosting the Robo race competition, i noticed this guy engrossed in reading the newspaper while his partner was engrossed in trying to make sense of the code to make the robot optimise its path and not run into any obstructions. 
It took me back to my engineering days’ laboratory sessions, where my partner used to do all the dirty work of conducting the experiment and making sense of the code, while i would be more interested in the daily happenings of the day. Hell, I never sat for the lectures in college without a newspaper or a book with me. We had a 75 per cent compulsory attendance rule, and with teachers who were pathetic enough to contain your enthusiasm in the subject, i found solace in the written word. 
When i saw this duo, i realised that they were completely reflecting the story of my professional life. From engineering to journalism;)
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4 thoughts on “Story of my life…

  1. @Saru when i entered that room and saw this guy with a newspaper, i was like, that'd have been me in my engg days and his partner was a bonus:P@Krunal 🙂


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