Street library

Whenever i pass by the street opposite Flora Fountain, i walk really slowly, taking my time looking at all the books on display. I try my best not to go to any shop, as i then end up buying a couple of books atleast, causing the other books, magazines at home to remain unread. It’s an addiction, this hoarding of books and magazines, and i am pretty sure my books hoarding is borderline pathological. Can’t help it. Who wouldn’t want a library like this?

Take Care,

4 thoughts on “Street library

  1. Honestly, I can't stop myself from going to such places. I buy and I buy a lot of books. I like reading them and hoarding them (I don't like giving away my books)Beautiful shot…:)


  2. @Saru: i can understand the dilemma of a book hoarder. Yeah even i HATE to lend my books to anyone, as most of the time i dont end up getting them back@Seema thanks:)


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