Bow and Arrow

I made this image during the annual Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. The scene involves a torched-club juggler doing his thing to the beat of drums in the background. While the fire jugglers were doing their dance and juggling, three artists were portraying them on canvas – Live. The last time i had shot a flare bartender doing his thing, i had got some amazing patterns. With that at the back of my mind, i shot to get patterns in the fire jugglers act.  

Take Care,


4 thoughts on “Bow and Arrow

  1. Amazing, I think I should visit Kala Ghoda festival next year…Also, I couldn't understand the previous shot, so I asked was it edited? I saw it again and now I can appreciate it's beauty. Sorry for that, tumbling stock market is taking a toll on my intelligence…


  2. @Saru: no issues bout that. u dont have to apologize:) u shud definitely visit Kala ghoda, if u are in Mumbai:) but yeah beware of the huge number of camera clad people and even more people posing besides the art installations:P@Chintan: thanks a lot:))take careciao


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