14 thoughts on “Phone or Camera?

  1. @Yash: thanks a lot:) im glad she was lost in her world and held still:P@magiceye: thank u:)@Shuji: thanks for the appreciation:)@Bhagya: haha thts why i titled the post with phone n camera, so that people notice that as well:P:P@Roshan: thanks a lot:)@Jidhu: the number of fans of this girl just keep increasing:))@Aman: that is what i liked about her while i was composing the shot. I thought she was clicking a photograph of some object below, and thought of juxtaposing her against this guy with the camera. @Chintan: thank u:) and the girl gets another compliment:) Wish i can track her down n show her the admiration ppl have for her:P


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