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I have been a regular at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival since the last four years and it’s definitely one of the art fests i eagerly await, as it means atleast four full days of photography. But this year, i was surprised at the sheer number of DSLRs and photographers i saw around me. Four years back there were just a handful.

Now when i look back, i cringe at the photographs i made this year at the festival. Have been bitten by the Street Photography bug offlate, and i just regret i did not explore that to its limit at KGAF. But did come across a few shots that can fit in the category. Will be putting them up on the blog in the coming posts.
Starting off with one shot that i consider decent (from the whole album of over 400 pics, pathetic i know), as it involves the two Cameras alongwith two enthusiastic photographers.
Take Care,

11 thoughts on “Photography lessons

  1. TD, I discovered my passion for photography just about 5 yrs ago and my first SLR came only about 2 yrs ago. I too go to events like Kala Ghoda (though never to Kala Ghoda itself!), and I too feel the number of persons with digital SLRs is increasing exponentially.A couple of months ago, in a street event in Bologna, I was little allarmed by the sheer arrogance of my fellow SLR-holders, they ran around, standing in the middle, blocking views, around 15-20 of them. It was like a kind of cultural event happening in the middle of another cultural event. I did hear a few persons in public shouting at them to get out of way .. may be if it goes on like this, we won't get any shots (except close-ups) without some of our fellow photographers in them. πŸ™‚ What do you say about the possible impact of increasing photographers?


  2. @SunilI agree with you on the part about some photographers being way too arrogant. I hate those kind, who will not care about their surroundings. When i was at Kala Ghoda, i was pleasantly surprised with the number of DSLRs i saw around, but some of the photographers were irritating in the sense that they would not budge even after having taken the shot. Drop in DSLR prices will propel more people to buy them, n that number is just going to increase. Initially i only used to shoot such cultural events and this Kala Ghoda festival i learnt my lesson, that if i continued shooting only at cultural events, i will not be able to improve on my photography, as there will be thousands of others who will have taken the exact same shot.So i got hooked onto shooting solo in general and street photography in particular, as this kind of photography will only be pursued by those who are passionate. 70 percent of the crowds who shoot at events like Kala Ghoda are hobby photographers who shoot once in a blue moon n they need such events to get their cameras out. You can shoot on other days if that day dosent work out for you:PTake CareCiao


  3. I got a technical question here! What's with the copyright of such photos, ofcourse you clicked someone and posted the photo here, can they sue? is it legal? I know in India they may not, but I got some photos that I clicked here in LOndon, can I actually post w/o asking the person in the photo?


  4. Hey Chintanthanks for the appreciation:))as for your question, well Street Photography is legal as i am shooting in a public street. You ideally dont take permission while shooting in the streets, as your aim is to get candid moments. I don't think the person can sue me whether its India or London. Infact, i m still learning street photography and it is scary to get close to people and get a candid shot. But, as long as you are on a public street and not shooting on private property, it is perfectly legal. Infact, you should check out this video where some photographers from London did an investigative story shooting in the streets. You will get most of your questions answered:) Stand Your Ground: Care,Ciao


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