Wanna Race?

Gothic architecture in South Mumbai is quite abundant. David Sasson Library, one of the oldest functioning Reading room and Library in Mumbai, is one structure that i have photographed countless times. My association with the library grew due to the annual Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, which organises its Literature talks in the garden within the library compound.

Anyways, as i said i have photographed the library many times before so whenever i come to this part of town, i am always on the look out for new ways to photograph this magnificent structure. Couple of weeks back i got a chance to test one DSLR – Canon 1000D – for official purposes. I decided to take it for a spin to the part of Mumbai which i feel is quite photogenic.

The initial idea was to capture the moving vehicles against the backdrop of the Library. So i went in search for a surface to keep the camera steady. While looking for it, i came across these two cars, which were parked in a way that it gave a clear view of the library. So the first plan was canned and thought of composing the photograph using the two cars. Result is as above.

Had a wonderful time shooting with 1000D. That week was one of the most thrilling week at work in terms of the cameras i got to use. I clicked more photographs in three days than i have in the entire year so far. Felt really good to re-connect with my passion which had taken a back seat for quite a while.

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3 thoughts on “Wanna Race?

  1. @Appu : welcome to the blog.Thanks for the appreciation. sorry for the late reply@Pravin : other pics ill keep uploadin. keep droppin by:)take careciao


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