My Daddy Strongest!

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, like i always say, is a photographers paradise. This is an image that i had clicked two years back, which i keep coming back to time and again. I have always been apprehensive about putting up this photograph on my blog as i had not taken permission from the parent while clicking this little girl, a thing which i always do. Reason being that this was such a spur-of-the-moment shot. Before i could check the image, the daddy and his girl had disappeared in the crowd.

The reason i find this image so special is because it happens to be my very first panning shot. I did not realise that till i actually saw the image on the computer screen. So this is my way of paying tribute to the little girl who gave me my first panning shot:)

She did not seem even a wee bit scared to be sitting at that height. I really love her expression. She has the poise of a queen atop an elephant going on a tour of the town. Suddenly seeing a snapper, she seems to be saying in her mind, ”How dare this lowly being capture me in his camera?”

Sorry, Your Highness.

Take Care



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