House on the Apurba Mitter Road

In a very nostalgic mood today. Was constantly thinking about Kolkata. Specially after the fire that engulfed 16 people and put ParkStreet on TOIs front page. It was saddening and surprising cos its been about two years since i left Kolkata, but the sense of bonding is and will always remain there. May the departed souls rest in peace.

This photograph was taken on one of my regular Kolkata street strolls. The thing that arrested my attention was the name Mitter, in the name plate which read Apurba Mitter Road. Being the Feluda fan boy that I am, I stopped. I kept wondering if this house was in anyway related to the famous detective Pradosh Mitter aka Feluda:P I know it was ridiculous to even think that, but just for this particular moment i let the rational side of me take a backseat.

The old dilapidated house, could be the setting for many of the famous Indian detective Feluda’s stories. I really loved the detailing in the balcony both the lower part as well as the upper half. The long wooden windows on the ground level and the wall exposing some British era bricks can make you loose the sense of time. Thank god the house was locked, else i would have surely taken a tour.

There are many such houses strewn all across Kolkata that completely transfer you to a different era. Reading Manik Da aka Satyajit Ray’s books succeed in taking you some decades back. Having said that, i need to get Volume 1 of the Feluda series to take care of my Kolkata nostalgia:))

Take Care


4 thoughts on “House on the Apurba Mitter Road

  1. hey Fighter Jetwelcome to my blog:) yeaah Kolkata is complete filled with such structures which if not looked after will be demolishd by the real-estate mafia. Sad. its a lovely city thoughtake careciao


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