Standing Strong

Kolkata conversations make me quite nostalgic. Having spent the maximum time away from home there, the place has a special spot in my heart. This is another one of those photographs of the monument which is synonymous with Kolkata after ofcourse, Howrah Bridge:) The entire garden surrounding Victoria Memorial gives one so many different angles and styles to shoot the monument. Luckily this particular strech of flowers was quite close to the lake wherein i could catch the reflection.

Take Care


2 thoughts on “Standing Strong

  1. Amazing photograph!It seems as if it is an oil painting and not a real snap :)I knew you captured beautiful pictures within your lens, but I didn’t know that they were awe-inspiring. :)Loved the succinct write up too.Cheers


  2. hey Pakhihaha:D well heres a secret:p ive put the pic upside down. it was taken with the flowers in the bottom part:D thanks a lot for the appreciation:D WELCOME to the blog:Dtake careciao


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