Happy New Year to all visitors. I know I am being a bit too early about it:D Just realized along with the new year, I have also completed one year on this blog. It wasn’t planned to be this way. I just knew last year that I had to come up with a dedicated photo blog to keep my photography in perspective. Make mistakes. Learn.

The picture above was taked in Mumbai. Yeah, this building is in Mumbai. It’s called Cotton Green. And located around the Cotton green station on the Harbour Line. A ramshackle place, its like a time capsule, transferring you to a completely different era. I was out there along with a friend to shoot for her photo-story. Here I captured the building along with a human element to get an idea of the scale of the building.

Would like to keep that as one of the themes for this year. Capturing offbeat places from Mumbai, which are not so popular, yet have an innate charm that can attract definite attention. An interesting aspect of this place for instance was that in the heydays when Cotton trading was the in thing in Mumbai, this place was among the happening places after the Cotton Exchange building in Kalbadevi. Fascinating history. Will look up some more history in the coming year

Take Care


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