The Day After…..

The Destruction!

It had been over 50 hours since Mumbai was attacked. I was glued to the TV set ever since. My frustration got the better of me and along with a friend i headed to the Taj Mahal palace hotel yesterday. Although the situation at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel was under control as all the terrorists were killed, sounds of implosions reverberated as i made my way through the crowds of concerned Mumbaikars, policemen and media person. The images i had been seeing for the past couple of days will remain etched in my mind forever. Seeing the Taj burn has hurt us all to no end.

The Heroes
They were called at a very short notice. Thanks to the combined efforts of the NSG commandos, The Indian Army, Police, Firemen, the situation was brought under control. It was heartening to see people congratulating the Jawans and taking their autographs. They indeed were real Heroes!

The Escape Route Used by Victims

The Eerie Silence and Emptiness @ Colaba Causeway!!
The very familiar foreign crowds and non stop buzzing was completely absent from the Colaba Causeway area. Except for a few shops selling shoes and clothing apparel, most of the Causeway was shut. Leopolds Cafe, which was the location of one of the attacks was cordoned off and closed. The road divider barricades opposite it had some bullet marks.

Resolve to rise back from the ashes!!
I sincerely hope that none of us forgets this attack, as that is what will motivate us to get things back on track! And it’s about time to bring those bastards who mastermind such attacks, to book!

Take Care


11 thoughts on “The Day After…..

  1. We (as the citizen) of this country have to make note of one thing that we must not forget what took the lives of innocents? And these pictures will definitely remind us the unfinished task we have at hand.


  2. @Chakoliyeaah totally agree with you. we had a lot of volunteers who were providing food and water to the media persons, police, firemen etc. it was so heartening to see all that. they also are our unsung heroes, but on that particular day, the NSG, Firemen, Army and Police sure were more relevanttake careciao


  3. thaks for putting up these pics man….feels good to see the non media pics….its sad n disgusting to see how innocent lives for lost for no rhyme or reason of theirs….btw i like the way u take pics


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