Donot Disturb!

I have been posting up photographs after ages here it seems and i am not liking it one bit. But i have been a bit busy offlate so have no new photographs so to speak of. Have been working on my Rishikesh – Valley of Flowers – Hemkund Sahib travelogue for quite a while as well. Will come up with something fresh soon.

I had taken this photograph long back when i was touring Rani baug Zoo with my neice. She was fascinated by the animals around, although i thought that without the Tiger, the zoo didnt really excite me much. While she was observing the python on the ground, i came across a hollow wooden piece of log. The python was in its typical slumber. Dosent seem too big from the picture but that is because he has coiled himself a lot. The confined spaces in the zoo dont really offer much flexibility.

Take Care


3 thoughts on “Donot Disturb!

  1. @NG thanks yeaa i know i have been away for a long time:d@Shwetzwow thats an interesting perspective:D well i am not Austin Stevens of Animal Planet:D so i didnt dare go close to the python, although id have loved to. i had zoomed in. thanks for the appreciation,take careciao


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