The Roots

The Sagar Upvan located at Colaba is a botanists’ delight. The botanical garden boasts of many different species of plants and trees. Had been here alongwith a group of garden enthusiasts. Learnt quite a few things about plants and hotriculture, a subject which i have little interest in.

While following the group, i noticed this tree whose roots spanned in all directions. The funny part was, the spanning of roots was over the surface of the ground. It brought back memories of the Ooty Botanical Gardens where i had been a couple of years back and had clicked many photographs of friends sitting on the roots of the huge trees that are ubiquitous in those gardens.
I found this particular tree intriguing as the form reminded me of an octopus (except that the roots outnumbered the octopus’ limbs and the roots did not have conspicuous suckers:P)
Take Care