Candles by the Basilica

I never tire of checking out the Basilica of Bom Jesus popularly known as the Old Goa Church, whenever I’m in Goa. I guess it has to do with the fact that this is the only place that i know of, which houses the remains of a priest – St. Francis Xavier. The story is quite fascinating and may seem unreal  when you hear it for the first time, but when you see the casket housing the remains, you realise that it is the truth. 
St. Xavier passed away while enroute to mainland China in 1552. He was buried on an island temporarily before his body was moved to St Paul’s Church in Malacca. The body had absolutely no signs of decay after two months. It was ultimately brought to Goa and the body was placed in a casket in this church. In fact, just to be sure, one of his arms was detached from the body to check for any signs of any substance within which was keeping the body from decaying. None was found. 
Another thing that catches your eye is the very attractive baroque architecture. 

The casket is opened for public viewing once every decade, last time being in 2004. 

Take Care,