Intl Saturdays 30: Formals Vs Casual, Japanese style

Early weekday mornings, most people in Tokyo streets will be seen in a formal attire with pale grey, blue, black and whites. The one week that i was there, the colour of formal shirts never really went beyond the blues and whites, something totally different from the multi-coloured formal shirts you see people wearing here to office (agree, some shirt choices are downright atrocious!). 
So it came as a pleasant surprise when i spotted this woman walking in front of me in such a colourful getup. Last time i had seen so many colored clothes in Tokyo was when i had visited the Takeshita Dori opposite the Harajuku metro station. You may have seen the Harajuku Girls and Harajuku Boy on the blog before.

Well, apart from the blue-colored boots, the detailing on her iPad cover was particularly attention grabbing. The same glass glitter material adorned her headphones as well, i wonder if she got it as a set.
Take Care,

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