Intl Saturdays 23: The Shibuya couple

Shibuya is a shopping and entertainment district in Tokyo. It is also referred to as the Times Square of Japan, a title which i absolutely do not like as i feel it is not fair to compare the two. Yeah i get kinda peeved at such trivialization of places.

When in Tokyo, you just have to see the Shibuya Crossing (will put up pictures and video of that in the future). It is quite famous and anyone who has seen Lost in Translation will have seen the controlled chaos that is this insane crossing.

I found the place to be a treasure trove for people spotting, like the squares in European cities that i had read about. Came across this well-dressed couple who were probably handing out pamphlets. I really liked how one-half of the dude’s hair colour matched with the coat that his girl was wearing. Notice how she is standing straight, another Japanese culture i had covered previously on this blog.

Take Care,

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