Intl Saturdays 1: The Erawan Shrine

Starting today, i will kickstart a series which i have been contemplating since a long time. To this date, this blog has only been about local Indian content. But i have been fortunate to have travelled to other countries and have a whole stock of photographs that i have never uploaded or used anywhere. Due to that attitude, i haven’t even looked at those photographs properly after the initial rush of seeing those countries when i am back home.

International Saturdays, will not only give me a platform to showcase these countries through my eyes, but at the same time help me re-see all those photographs and help me in improving on my photography.

So expect a photograph from outside India, every Saturday, on this blog:)

This was the very first photograph i had captured outside India. In Bangkok, a few blocks from my hotel, there was this very famous temple called the Erawan Shrine, located within the premises of the Erawan Hotel. The temple has the golden Brahma statue and it was probably the first Brahma temple i had been to. Just like any other Indian temple, this one was buzzing with activity – flower offering, burning incense sticks, devotees joining their hands in a Namaste and praying. I felt i was in India.
The view from the Chitlom Skytrain station premise is even better as you get a view from a higher vantage point.

Take Care,

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