4 thoughts on “(Un)Lucky Corner?

  1. fantastic series of shots….it does tells a story…and for me it definitely does qualify for street shots. And btw about that car on my blog…you were spot on about it being right outside the Mumbai Samachar office


  2. @Habib :)) maybe he is:p This was made at Chor Bazar, Mumbai. The career switching bit is quite similar to that of Farhan from 3 Idiots, just that it happened 3 years before the movie came out:P@Krunal: so i can categorise it under Street Photography then:)) well, reg the car outside Mumbai Samachar office, these vintage beauties are owned by the editor of that paper. And he has a lot of them, everyday you will find a new vintage car in excellent condition parked over there. @Chintan: hahaha, initially i just wanted to capture the man, but then i saw the goat and decided to wait it out:) sadly, the goat does not accept cash or card or cheques:P


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