Portraits – 1

This is one genre i have not explored much since i got my camera. Hope to keep continuing this series, as there are too many faces out there that need to be photographed. I was in a quandary whether to keep this portrait as colour or BW. But i guess colour won, as i am not sure if i captured the eyes as well as i should have. In retrospect, i realised that it could have been a better frame, had i gone more closer.
Will keep Robert Capa’s quote in mind the next time i venture to shoot portraits, “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”

Take care,

7 thoughts on “Portraits – 1

  1. @juhi: thanks a lot for the appreciation:) well i was confused about colour/BW for this portrait as well. with me its the opposite:P i find shooting BW more challenging but yea it is kinda liberating though.


  2. @Chintan: well, whenever i land in London or u in Mumbai;) thanks for liking and tweeting about the portrait:) Hope to shoot many more going forward.


  3. Going by the quote, I would say you are very very close:) The shot is an amazing work of photography, these kind of or level of shots are seen in magazines. I am happy you kept the colored one. B/W wouldn't justify the traditional colors of India. Waiting for more…


  4. @Saru: i guess i kept the colour intact due to the Bandhini print on the turban. thanks a lot for the appreciation:) going by the response i am dying to go out n shoot more portraits:)


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