An unfulfilled bet

I was walking around the market place in Mt. Abu with a friend, when we came across this shop of glares and noticed this young chap looking at our cameras. He was holding fort till his uncle would get back to the shop. 
I told him that I’d show him some magic. I would click him as well as my friend in the same frame, catch being, my friend would not stand beside him. He was kinda surprised and said i cannot do it. It was a bet.
His smile widened after he saw the image, and saw me in it too. But, he did not keep his part of the bet. Which was to give us those glares for free. Smart.

Take Care,

9 thoughts on “An unfulfilled bet

  1. Three people in one shot.:) Kinda cool. I follow lot of photography blogs as I get inspired by looking at nice pictures. But, since a very long time, I've been thinking of requesting you to do a self portrait. Whenever, I come on your blog, two things come to my mind. One is Kala Ghora and other is 'what would be the intricacies in the shot?'. Believe me, if I play “what comes to your mind when I say a word” game and someone says Kala Ghora, I will answer 'Nimesh' (I hope I'm right with your name). So, Nimesh, please do a self portrait…:) I am eager to see what story you would tell in it…:)Saru


  2. @Saru: thanks a lot for the appreciation:) well my name is Nimish:P it always feels good to hear from you and feels even better to know that you associate my work with Kala Ghoda and the intricacies:) I have tried doing a self-portrait in the past. here is the link try to do one in the near future. It's just that i have never pointed the camera towards me, so to really tell a story with a self portraiture is something i will really have to rack my brains on:P but seems like a challenge:) thanks for the idea:)take careciao


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