Will the real Kala Ghoda please stand up?

You may have come across a lot of posts on this blog mentioning Kala Ghoda, thanks to the art fest that happens there every year. A lot of my friends wonder why the area is called so, despite there being no Kala Ghoda or black horse (the painting of a black horse on one of the buildings in that area doesn’t count) anywhere in the premise. Time for a history lesson:)

The Kala Ghoda district is called so because there actually was a metal statue of the King Edward VII on his black horse which was installed in now parking lot area, opposite Jehangir Art Gallery. Jewish businessman David Sassoon (yeah, the library named after the same person is right across the street) was the person who got the statue built. The statue was moved from there in 1965 to Rani Baug, but the name of the art district has stuck.

This image was made while i was strolling through Rani Baug on a drizzly day.
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