A Mouthful of Sky

“Earth, Wind and Rain and Fire,

Wealth, Power, Blood…Desire,
One Goal to Live for, Before We Die,
One Taste of Glory…
One Mouthful of Sky….”
(India’s only English language soap that was aired on DD in ’95)

These were the only lyrics that floated through my mind when i saw this wonderful mood in the sky that day in February. Generally in Mumbai, clouds make an appearance only during the monsoons. At other times, one is left with a bland sky.

This also happens to be my maiden attempt at High Dynamic Range photography (HDR). More than an ‘Experiment with the Lens’, this is an ‘Experiment with Photoshop’:)) And with this project, i have overcome my dilemma of shooting extremes of exposures. Have to say, the process is quite addictive.
Take Care,

8 thoughts on “A Mouthful of Sky

  1. Heyy NG:)so good to see u back:) thanks:)I guess i was in 5th when Mouthful of Sky used to air, used to watch it but cant rem much other than the models who went on to become actors – rahul bose, r madhavan, milind somantake careciao


  2. @defiant princess thanks a lot:)@Vyankatesh: thanks:) this was made in the Kala Ghoda district, opposite Jehangir Art Gallery@The Legend Returns:P thanks a lot:)@Sajeev: i was quite surprised by that mood in the sky in Feb in Mumbai, quite a rarity.@Rajlakshmi: thanks a lot:)Everyone above: welcome to my blog:))


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