Pearl vision

This one was taken long back with my Canon A400. Accidentally came across it while organising my photographs after many years:) I had committed the cardinal sin of using flash for such a close range shot, a big evidence of which is visible on the leaf on the left hand side.

This was taken on my maiden overnight trek back in 2005 to Harishchandragad. Was trudging through the forest path en route the highest spot in that region. It was the rainy season and the chill in the surroundings alongwith mild drizzling interrupted by thick foggy patches was a pleasing experience. Saw this collection of water droplets between these leaves as i bent down to tie my shoe laces. Was thrilled with my shot back then, but now when i look at it, i find a million flaws. But then, what the heck, this was the most i could get out of an automatic camera:) (excuses excuses:P)

Take Care

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