Over the hood

There is something innately charming about anything retro and it always manages to capture my attention. This blog is a living proof where you will come across atleast one photograph on every page, that features old architecture that is spread across Mumbai.
When i read about a Vintage car rally some months back, i knew i had to attend it. Most of Mumbai’s vintage cars are still in running conditions, thanks to the painstaking care taken by their proud owners. Eight out of ten car owners that i spoke to were from the Parsi community.
While i did shoot loads of images of these vintage beauties, i would like to keep this post specially for the ubiquitous insignia’s or hood ornaments of these cars. Will put up the cars some other time. So let’s get started with the most popular insignia – The Spirit of Ecstasy..

Take Care,

4 thoughts on “Over the hood

  1. @Chakoli:)) i know retro rocks:)@Mia : dont worry u wudnt have missed much:P me also plan to be more regular with updates:P:P will just add ur new blog address:)take careciao


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