Paani Paani Re….

Found this installation, more of a clay model, at the kids stall at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. I dont know who had made it but it was a very stark piece of work amidst the generally cheerful kids that one sees at the parking lot which has a range of kiddie activities going on. The drop was held by a string to the tap.

With water cuts becoming a harsh reality all around the city, with water in the lakes being at a level that is generally seen in May, the need to save water is paramount.

The reason i juxtaposed this clay work against a happy child was to stress on the fact that all is not lost. On a personal level we can do our bit and save many litres of water daily. It all adds up somewhere. And lets pray for a great monsoon this year:)

Take Care


PS : I know the title has got nothing to do with water scarcity as it is sung in the context of tears, but I couldn’t come up with anything better:P

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