A Photography workshop that BORED me!!

Yea i have written the headline right. I never thought i would ever walk out of a photography workshop. But today’s Nat Geo Moment Awards Photography Workshop was just a big yawn!
National Geographic is a benchmark as far as promotion of photography goes. I was expecting an unforgettable experience at a workshop organised by these guys. It was unforgettable yeah, but for the wrong reasons.

The venue was the BCL auditorium. The workshop was conducted by renowned fashion photographer, Israr Qureshi. He showcased his work commisioned as well as personal. It was really good. Great potrait shots, I must say. But that was it. It was later followed by a Q n A session, where 80 percent of the questions asked were downright stupid.
Sample : Does using the click button on the DSLR reduce the “lens” life?!?! (This coming from a person who uses Nikon D60!)

The exhibition outside the audi had some equisite photographs. I was expecting a major discussion of Nat Geo type photographs, involving wildlife, landscapes, travel, people etc. But i was majorly disappointed when i learnt that the photographer was a Fashion photographer. Again i will say that the potrait shots were exceptional, but i dunno if its just me or what, but Nat Geo and Fashion Photography somehow dont seem like the best of combinations. I mean ok i can understand if Vogue or Grazia or OK hold a workshop with a fashion photographer, but a Nat Geo event on fashion photography.

Screw it. I left the session midway as i couldnt take it any more. I can understand people asking basic questions, i did that a lot. But when you constantly keep pounding the photographer with questions regarding how the shot was made, what shutter speed was used, i feel that is streching it a bit too much.

For the first time i actually wanted out of any event related to photography. Sad!

Take Care


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