PhotoSay 2 : Ganpati Visarjan – A Visual Treat!

>>Mayuravar Baisoni (Riding on a Peacock)

The Ganpati immersions took place last Sunday, thereby ending the Ganesh celebrations for this year. The day is completely chaotic for devotees as they take their idols for immersion, but at Girgaum Chowpatty i noticed that there was a definite method to the madness. Inspite of people being in huge numbers, the crowd management was top class. Idols of all sizes could be seen and devotees in varied colors of the gulal were dancing to the Nasik Dhols. Some Mandals had a separate van which just contained the huge speakers that were belting out typical Bollywood Ganpati Visarjan songs like “Tujhko apna jalwa dikhana hi hoga, Agle baras aana hai aana hi hoga” from SRK’s verison of Don and the ‘Vaastav’ aarti amongst others. Luckily it wasnt pouring during late afternoon as it was earlier in the day, giving me a comparitively better lighting condition to shoot in.

>>A Palkiwala Ganesh

>>Ganesha befriends a Dragon!

>> Ninja Ganesh

>>The Divine Lord
>> Home Idols being taken for immersions

>>Warrior Ganesha
>> A Delighted Ganesh Devotee

>> Rang De Gulal

>> Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar Yaa!! (Come early, next year)

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