Brother Hood!

Gangtok is the fabulous capital city of the state of Sikkim. The people there are very hospitable and the kids are just too cute. The life lead by the people there isnt an easy one. Most of the kids do their schooling in the Buddhist Monasteries. Some of the students even come from places like Bhutan, Nepal at ages as young as four or five.

One interesting aspect of Gangtok is the plane of the roads. Roads in Gangtok always have this tendency of going uphill. One can hardly find a straight plane road of more than 100mts length.

I clicked the above photograph when i was returning from Rumtek Monsatery. I saw this kid carrying his little brother on his back (like i carried my school bag). The elder brother’s age was five and his younger brother was just about two and a half. Yet the elder brother carried his younger bro, uphill. It was really humbling to see him have absolutely no trace of irritation or pain on his face, inspite of carrying the younger one around for over half an hour. I dont remember carrying my brother like that ever:D I wanted to interact more with this young Hercules, but i couldnt for obvious reasons. He did give me this memorable photograph, as a parting gift though.

Take Care


2 thoughts on “Brother Hood!

  1. heygangtok reminds me of the same memories… kids walking for miles together to school in the freezing cold… very beautiful place.this is a nice snap u managed to capture. i lost that opportunity in HP this time…


  2. @RashmiGangtok is a very exotic place. i loved every moment i spent there, and these kids are so cute, yet they do so much more physical work than kids in cities, its really humbling. HP also has quite a alot of Buddhist Population. koi baat nahi next time try karna:dtake careciao


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