Canon S5 IS here!!

I finally got my dream gadget, as a self gift on my 24th bday, the fabulous prosumer Canon S5 IS. Ever since i started getting familiar with the manual mode of my Canon Powershot A400, i used to feel that i wasnt completely satisfied with it as i had moved beyond point and shoot stuff. The features though great for a newbie, were somehow not enough for me, as i wanted to explore more. At the same time i didnt have the cash to go for a complete pro DSLR. So the next best option was to go for a pro-sumer camera.

Pro-sumer as the name itself suggests, is a camera, that lies between professional and consumer compacts. “The features of a DSLR, the convinience of a Powershot”, so goes the tagline for S5 IS. After much research, i narrowed down my options to the S5 IS.

Features. Well i wont go into much details, just a brief lowdown on the features. For detailed reviews one can always visit Canon S5 IS is an 8 MP camera, having 12x Optical Zoom (yea that like 4 times my prev camera). IS stands for Image Stabilization, which prevents blurry images formed due to shaky hands at times. Its got Aperture Priority mode (f 2.7 to f 8.0), Shutter priority mode (1/3200 sec to 15 sec) and your Program, Custom and Manual modes. ISO is upto 1600. Macro is of 2 kinds, one is normal Macro and the other is Super Macro (whose dist is as low as 0cm). Also its got a 2.5 inch swivel LCD screen. The ergonomics are too good.

My happiness knew no bounds when i held the S5 for the first time and checked it out. Finally i was checkin the S5 in real, not on the net. The black body and the very picturesque lens setup made me go wow! I can write paens about the look of S5 IS, but ill stop here lest someone doubt my inclinations:P

I used it a couple of times, and needless to say, the results were disastrous. I used to feel that knowing the theory of apertures and shutters was enough to give you an idea of composing the shots accordingly, but sadly thats not true, as i learnt. I still am struggling to get the Aperture and Shutter speed correct. Many other factors like manual focussing, ISO also play an important role. Its an uphill task i gotta say. But then it took me two and a half years to get fully acquainted with A400. Of which one and a half year was spent only using Automatic mode. So i guess it’ll take a while before i am completely comfortable with S5 IS. Since engg exams, this is the first time that i feel i am up against a challenge. Gotta say, it keeps you motivated. Photography is never going to be the same for me again. I guess, the journey has just about begun!

Take Care


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