Photography and Travel – A Symbiotic Relationship!

Travel has always been my passion since i dont know when. The place dosent matter. Company dosent matter. Climate dosent matter. I can very well take off on my own on a heavy rainy day in Mumbai or for that matter jaywalk to death at my home away from home, Kolkata:D Over the years i have realised that travelling has nothing to with taking off to the hill stations on your holidays. Travel, according to me is, exploring new avenues, learning new things, Jaywalking:d, in short exposing yourself to new things. Walking is a prime aspect of travelling. I mean i know we have bikes, cars etc, but the joy experienced by exploring places on foot is second to none.

Photography was neither a passion nor a hobby, couple of years back. Digital Camera was just an alibi to capture moments from college as i felt the 36-picture, no zoom Yashica camera that i had couldnt really do justice to my last few days in engg college. After having passed so much time with my camera during my travels within Mumbai as well as outside it, i can safely say that my travelling and love for photography are interlinked, and its impossible for me to visualise one without the other.

Travel is ofcourse primary, but many a times it has so happened that i have gone to a place to Photograph certain aspect of the place and discovered a completely new, a completely different aspect of the same place. Many a times just the itch to release the shutter button has prodded me on to travel to unknown exotic places.

The thing i love best bout both of my above passions is that it kinda detaches me from the present and takes my mind off stuff, so that i can concentrate completely on the travel part and devise new photographic angles and strategies. With every new travel itinery i undertake, i not only fulfill my two passions but also end up learning a little bit more bout photography. And it just confirms my belief in the notion that stuff thats self taught cant be forgotten easily. It stays on with you.

Take Care,

One thought on “Photography and Travel – A Symbiotic Relationship!

  1. TD,I can totally relate to you!!! Except I can’t go about walking in random places coz my safety is a concern at the back of my head… :|If I didn’t have that constraint I would have travelled and done more photography in the country and in Delhi….


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