A Seminar On Creative Photography – KGAF ’08

Photography. Its slowly but surely turning out to be an addiction. Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2008 brought along with it a seminar on Creative Photography. It was to be conducted by a gentleman called Mr.David Desouza. The seminar specifically required that the participant be more than just Hobby Photographers. I liked the sound of that. Seemed like totally my kinda thing.

Initial hour went in giving introductions and the expert gave his views on photography based on the participants affinity towards the art. It was good to see discussion on different forms of photography, like Night Shots, Blind Shots, Music in action etc etc. It was good to see so much variety in the participants.

David, was a great orator, and seemed very enthu about photography as an art form. He did deviate from photography to study of words on more occasion than one, but it was quite interesting to hear him talk. He gave us all a new verb to associate with photography. ‘Making Photographs’, rather than taking photographs, cus according to him when one made a gesture of taking, it went from outside-in, where as in the case of ‘making’ the gesture was inside-out. He called himself Professional Amateur, cos according to him, amateur was derived from amore – which is to love. Like i said, deviation from photography to other topics was on more than one occasion.

The next hour went in a slideshow of pictures of a particular photographer going by the name of David Hockney. This fellow was a maverick according to me, cos most of his photographs defied my idea of composition, framing, hell even the shape of the frame. I found the pictures pretty wierd, till he showed us this picture. PearlBlossom Highway. The special thing about this picture was, each fragment of the picture was taken by the photographer actually having to move back and forth, so as to prevent the varying DOFs that would otherwise become too obvious. Indeed, this guy was a Maverick.

David Desouza then showed us some of his photos. Most of them were monotone. He showed us a new concept. Negative space, Incomplete pictures. As in pictures which showed some part off the frame. The mind of the viewer would fill in the rest of the frame he said. I liked that part.

Finally in the end we were given an assignment to photograph the buildings in the art district, in such a way that we personalised it. As in the photographs had to be unique, no cliched shots. Proceeded to Kala Ghoda after the seminar. Needless to say, went mad photographing.

Take Care


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