Tracing my Photography Roots!! [PR-1]

Diwali of 2005. Thats when i got my Canon Powershot A400, after months of researching the digital camera market. Between that day and the present, must have shot close to 7500+
pictures. On doing the math,
Nov 2005 to Jan 2008 = 27months.
7500/27 = 277 approx pics/month = 277/30 = approx 9 pictures a day since the day i have brought my camera.
Phew, thats some maths. although the stats shouldnt be taken literally!!

Travel oppurtunities started to follow once i had got the camera. The very first being the Bangalore, Mysore, Ooty IV that i had been to with college buddies. That was just a start!! Followed by Harihareshwar that year end. Ofcourse the college Tie -Day and Traditional Days need a definite mention. Finishing off with the Farewell Party.

Engg exams being over, the wanderer in me headed off to Goa with my buddies. Another oppurtunity to explore my camera. A week after returning, i was off to Pune for ILP.
ILP did i say?? well yeaah it was a training period all right, but with the rains around the same time, could the trekker in me be sitting in one place??? Sinhagad and Lonavla were covered within a weeks time, a coupla days before the end of ILP.

With ILP over i had migrated to Kolkata, West Bengal!! Camera followed there too. The Durga Poojas, local sightseeing was an advantage, but what really made my Kolkata stay memorable was the accidental and completely unexpected trip we made to Gangtok, Sikkim.

Ok Enough of kolkata, i was back in Mumbai in March of 2007! A dream finally fulfilled. Exploring the Queen’s Necklace when the rain clouds had populated the skies above the seaface was an experience in itself, giving rise to the Photowalker in me.

June-July-August of 2007 brought along with them the trekking trips. Yeaah i had finally been able to see my dream of trekking the Sahyadris seeing the light of the day. Harishchandragad followed by Lohgad and concluded by Peb, over a period of 3 months. The treks used to be of a day each, but that one day i used to exploit the camera to the max. Clicking pictures against nature, of nature itself.

Then came the Xaviers Institue of Communications’ Photography course. From the 1st 2 lectures i got a hint that this wasnt going to be a very good course, but then what the heck i stuck with it, as it really took me back to college. Mind used to be occupied in those weekends by the various concepts about photography. Sundays used to be practical session days, which i really enjoyed. The interaction with fellow classmates was really good n most of them being from the creative field really gave me a break from the regular techie crowd that i am surrounded by.

A trip to Bassein Fort was my first real outing totally for photography’s sake. n by this time, photography which had started as a hobby had developed into a passion. I had begun to notice object with a photographers perspective. Cursing myself had become a regular chore if i didnt have my camera in time to capture a moment which deserved being captured. Light wasnt just light anymore, but a means to race my mind as to how would a photograph under such lighting conditions appear?

So far so good. Konkan Darshan was what was next in the line, followed by Hyderabad, then Gujarat!

So have decided to trace my photographic journey right from the beginning! The pictures of this Journey will be tagged as PR-number as above. Lets see if i have actually improved! so heres my very first proper picture! the angel is my neice!


Take Care,


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