6 thoughts on “Hands Up, It’s Holi!

  1. first of all a fantastic shot, love the expression you've captured.I guess Holi doesn't attract you any more because of the way it is played today or probably we've grown up out of it. But look at this kid's expression, doesn't this remind of the childhood we had where we would harass our parents for that pichkari and then loved to go out in the morning of Holi and throw colours and water-balloons at each other. Hope you have a great holi this time and have some wonderful puranpolis


  2. @Saru: i get ticked off by the highly chemical-based colours used to play holi. just awaiting puran polis today:P@Shona: welcome to my blog:) thanks for the kinds words:)@Krunal: glad you liked the photograph. well i guess you are right in way. the way its played, the toxic colours that are used, the hooliganism you see on the roads and beaches, really puts me off. yeah as a kid i loved it as all of my building friends used to gather around the huge Holika they lit up in our compound, the colours used were harmless and were easily washable. balloon attacks were super fun. i guess i've grown out of it, but given a chance, i would rather not get involved in playing with colours now:P


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