Up for a glass of wine?

I sure am, anytime:)

This photograph was clicked at the Sula Vineyards which i had been to last year around this time for an article in my college magazine. Having just seen the vineyards of France, Italy and California on TV, i was thrilled to see one in flesh when i landed in Sula in Nashik. A four hour journey from Mumbai, this place is a great getaway from the city.

In a mere 150 bucks, there is a guided tour of the vineyard, wine making process and the icing on the cake is the tasting session of the six of the best Sula wines in the end. I was really looking forward to this aspect of the tour, as i could act like one of those wine snob hosts you see on TV and pronounce those French wine appellations:D

I captured this shot on the terrace of the vineyard after the drinking session. I was quite happy that inspite of the black reflective surface, the colours of the landscape were quite distinctly visible.

Take Care


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